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21-Mar-2019 23:00

Japanese men–especially younger men–tend to be kind of skinny.

Though there are certainly lots of tough or muscular Japanese men, the general trend seems to be toward very slim more than anything.

While no one wants to watch a couple making out in public–really, we don’t want to see it, but thanks for the show anyway–a bit of hand-holding can be really nice. Not everyone is going to be comfortable with public cuddling–unless you’re dating a puppy. This one is probably a bit harder to admit, but some Japanese women just loving being able to show off their foreign partners.

There’s a certain cultural cache of having foreign friends–that doesn’t just apply in Japan–so having a foreign lover must be even cooler, right?

The next time you're walking around in Tokyo, try this quick experiment: look for couples comprising a Western man and a Japanese woman, and count them. Now look for the opposite: Japanese men with Western women. If we look at official statistics for Japanese residents from Western countries (as of the 2016 census), men certainly outnumber women in Japan—by a ratio of almost 2-to-1 if we exclude short-term residents and diplomats (it's 3-to-2 if they're included).

We'll bet a dinner and beer that the first case will far outnumber the second. However, let's take a closer look the difference for a moment.

Anyway, a big part of dating is having fun, and getting to know someone with a completely different background can be If you’re interested in living abroad some day, marrying a foreign national is one way of opening up your chances.

While we don’t want to give you the impression that there are tons Japanese women out there dating foreign guys be a few for whom it’s a significant consideration or at least a nice additional perk. While that might seem a bit alarming, just think of all your friends who got married to a Japanese person and bragged about their awesome spouse visas. , it works the other way, too, with non-Japanese people befriending or dating a native speaker in hopes of improving their (usually) English.

Whatever your ethnicity, that level of chivalry tends to go right out the door after a few years of marriage…

But at least we can now rest easy knowing it’s a two-way street, because there are tons of Japanese girls who only date Western men.

If you happen to have a lot of Japanese friends, you may have met one or two women with a penchant for non-Japanese gentlemen.

As for any Japanese guys reading this in hopes of finding some relationship advice, we guess if you’re trying to get these same women to notice you, you need to work out, develop a high proficiency in a foreign language, and be more interesting?

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