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That’s because Friday, May 22, marked the inauguration of TV production at a new 14,000-square-foot media center located on the fourth floor of the also new Student Experience Center near the university's student union.

The modern, multifaceted media center is a largely open, collaborative environment where students will get hands-on experience producing content for television, FM radio, the Web, social media, newspaper and magazines that could serve as a model for broadcasters looking to integrate media in a collegial environment.

Newscasts are to be run out of the control rooms under MOS control from Inception, and reporters in the field have access to the newsroom system on their laptops and mobile devices via a virtual private network, Utter says. That is especially critical when you consider the latest Cisco Visual Networking Index report which says annual global traffic will surpass a Zetabyte in 2016.

That is double the entire data on the world wide web in 2009 -- 500 exabyites.

The challenge is to balance that with traditional journalistic responsibilities.

Those of us with professional commitments as well as academic responsibilities have been dealing with that for some time, and it's only going to get tougher.

“We wanted our seniors to put their signature touch on the facility so they could claim they did the first live show out of the new facility.” The new facility replaces a surplus dormitory purchased from student housing in the 1970s for media operations.

“Essentially, it was a rabbit’s warren of small rooms,” says Michael Henthorne, executive director of Memorial Union and Educational Activities at the university.

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The field was established in 1907, with the first game being played on April 12, 1907.

Grass Valley Kaleido multiviewers also can be shared and reconfigured on the fly to display every video source in the facility as needed, Utter says.

Another example of the facility’s flexibility is the Wheatstone Wheat Net audio-over-IP network.

For instance, the six Grass Valley LDX HD studio cameras — one of which is on a crane — can be moved between studios or broken down and transported for live productions from around the campus, he says.

Similarly, the three M/E busses of the Ross Video Acuity production switcher can be shared between the new facility’s two production control rooms, each of which is equipped with an Acuity control surface.“They are completely reconfiguring their resources depending upon whether the production is a newscast, a music production or a production in concert with the FM station,” Utter says.

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