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Claus, Mickey and Donald, journey off to Mistletoe Mountain to rescue a stranded Santa. has in place to transport its agents to and from their lairs around the world. Santa saved Agent P later in the day by catching the electromagnet on his sleigh that Dr.

He became an occasional recurring character and played a surprise role in "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Choo-Choo Express". Doofenshmirtz had released from a crane, intending to crush Agent P.

This same version of Santa was seen again the following year in The Night Before Christmas as he embarks upon a home filled with children.

Santa was mentioned in the episode "Jolly Molly Christmas".

Santa is one of the judges in Eli Excelsior Pandarus' Miss Mystical World pageant in "Eye of the Beholder".

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Santa is also Phineas' greatest hero, delivering gifts to everyone in one night, something even he possibly couldn't do.

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