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The British Museum was purchasing these collections of what were their "own" tablets at inflated London market rates.Edward Bond, the Principal Librarian of the Museum, wanted Budge to find the source of the leaks and to seal it.Initially appointed to the Assyrian section, he soon transferred to the Egyptian section.He studied the ancient Egyptian language with Samuel Birch until the latter's death in 1885.(It continues to do so.) In his spare time, he studied Hebrew and Syriac with the aid of a volunteer tutor named Charles Seeger.Budge became interested in learning the ancient Assyrian language in 1872, when he also began to spend time in the British Museum.After Rassam's death, it was alleged that, while Rassam had made most of the discoveries of antiquities, credit was taken by the staff of the British Museum, notably Henry Layard.

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During his years in the British Museum, Budge also sought to establish ties with local antiquities dealers in Egypt and Iraq so that the Museum could buy antiquities from them, and avoid the uncertainty and cost of excavating.

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