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The story has barely begun, and so there's little of import to do.

The busywork is more frequent; the real meat of the game yet to be revealed.

This article isn't for the people affected by flaws. I enjoy Inquisition, but I'm perfectly fine with the idea that you might not.

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If you haven't left the Hinterlands, you're not really playing Dragon Age: Inquisition yet.It was the moment I stopped being married to the Inquisition out of obligation, and instead started to care about the characters I was leading. It would be a shame to miss it purely because you'd grown bored of collecting bear claws.That I felt the need to write this highlights a major problem with Inquisition's opening, but also with the way RPGs have conditioned players to act in a certain way. Get out of the Hinterlands, and don't go back until you've experienced the scope of what Inquisition can be."It's okay, I'm enjoying the Hinterlands," he'd say. It's heartbreaking to see it happen, because the Hinterlands are the antithesis to everything that makes Inquisition great.

Abandoning the game because you're sick of the Hinterlands is like walking out of a restaurant because you ate too many breadsticks.

There's deserts and beaches and snow and a sort of brighter, greener woodland that's much prettier to look at.

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