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sport, military) that are strongly associated with "heterosexual masculinity." The suggestion that straight men should "fear" having to share sporting change rooms or military quarters with gay men promotes the damaging idea that gay men are essentially predatory, completely incapable of containing their own desires. Sexual Behavior: "Gay men are promiscuous and obsessed with sex" Myths abound about the apparent promiscuity of gay men as though sex with multiple partners and an inability to be monogamous are core features of male homosexuality -- they aren't.Sexual promiscuity, when it occurs, is a phenomenon that is not uniquely linked with one particular type of sexual orientation.Some of these stereotypes are so strong that it's as though some people think there really is such a thing as a "gay man's personality." In reality, personality differences amongst gay men are as diverse as those across any other group.Yes, there are some gay men who display an interest in fashion, who take care of their appearance, who have meticulously clean apartments, and who are huge fans of Madonna, Cher and Lady Gaga!Questions about homosexual male sex which focus on trying to identify "who is the man" and "who is the woman" mistakenly assume that gay men act out heterosexual roles during anal sex. The fact that gay men form the single largest group of people with HIV/AIDS in America fails to take into account the various societal and cultural factors which contribute to this occurrence.While some gay men identify strongly with "top/active" or "bottom/passive" roles, many others regard themselves as "versatile" and do not exclusively identify with either role. Health: "HIV/AIDS is primarily a disease among gay men" Within heterosexist and homophobic societal contexts, HIV/AIDS is frequently misrepresented as a disease of gay men. Societal discrimination against gay men can have direct effects on individuals, impacting self-esteem and leading some men to engage in behaviors which place their health at risk. Relationships: "Gay men are not relationship-oriented" The suggestion that being homosexual would make gay men less able to connect with or fall in love with another person is illogical and has no basis in reality.As with any group of people, the sexual behavior of gay men varies tremendously from person to person, with some being very sexually active and others being almost completely celibate.In common with all human beings, gay men have sexual desire.

Some argue that a male homosexual orientation develops as a result of certain types of parenting such as the presence of an overly involved mother and/or an absent father.

Myths and stereotypes that go unchallenged become stronger weapons for those who seek to oppress others in society.

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