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24-Jul-2019 11:03

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Amazingly, they complied so I was left in the dark for the first four days and was barely able to see him.His dad also provided incorrect medical information that ultimately ended up hurting him. They have been speaking so ugly about him that a stranger in the waiting room asked me why I would allow them around him.He very briefly expressed to a nurse that he only wanted me as a visitor and nobody else.

They have been absolutely horrible since the day of his accident.

Everyone but his mother is in the medical industry, and when they arrived they immediately tried to take over.

His dad (who is a doctor) told my husband’s doctors to only talk to him.

Whatever the outcome, there is definitely at least one step in between “seething silently” and “cutting John loose forever,” especially since the two of them have been best friends for a long time. An affair to remember: When I was starting graduate school, I met a lecturer who was 30 years older than me. We ended up having an affair that lasted four years (technically he was married, but they lived separate lives in separate houses on different coasts); he inspired me to go after my Ph. I never discussed him or our relationship with anyone.

He died while I was out of the country, and while I was sad not to be able to pay my respects, I never expected anything.Obviously, it hasn’t gone over well, and now I’m being attacked on all fronts.