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But it was an impromptu 'punk prayer' at Moscow's main Cathedral of Christ the Savior, decrying close ties between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Kremlin, that got them into trouble.

Three band members were convicted of 'hooliganism motivated by religious hatred' for that stunt, and two of them including Alyokhina were sentenced to two years in prison.

Following the settlement of East Slavs in the Russian Plain in the middle of the 1st millennium BC, through the next thousand years, most of European Russia came into the sphere of Slavic cultural and political influence, and finally became a part of the Russian state.

From the 11th century on, a group of Russians which settled the shores of the White Sea and became known as Pomors ("seaside-dwellers") began navigating in the freezing seas of the Arctic Ocean, gradually developing the first icebreaking ships known as kochi.

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At 17,075,400 square kilometres (6,592,850 sq mi), Russia is the largest country in the world, covering more than a ninth of the Earth’s land mass.By the early 18th century Russians under Vladimir Atlasov had colonised Kamchatka.Peter the Great, who turned the country into the Russian Empire in 1721, ordered the first instrumental mapping of Russia, and conceived the Great Northern Expedition, which was carried out after the Emperor's death with Vitus Bering as the leader and main organizer.Alyokhina, who was one of three Pussy Riot members jailed in 2012 for ridiculing President Vladimir Putin in a Moscow cathedral, tweeted that she and Borisova were detained early Monday. Borisova, in a video from a police car posted on Twitter, added: 'We're going to the police station...

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A few hours later, Borisova also posted on her social media channels that the pair had been released. on suspicion of committing an administrative offence, (holding) an unsanctioned rally.' Another video allegedly showing their arrest was released on a news website set up by members of Pussy Riot.In the times of the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire the country's share in the world's land mass reached 1/6.