Netflix recently watched not updating

03-Feb-2019 07:12

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Does your gadget have the channels you want to watch? What you get varies greatly from gadget to gadget, but if you're happy with what you have, there's no need to spend extra cash.

But while working with the tech you have is certainly the easiest way of getting Netflix (and more) in your living room, it may not be the best way.

You could find yourself stuck with a limited number of channels.

If you upgrade to a standalone streaming media player, you can expect a better interface, more user-friendly search options, and access to more streaming options.

Its remote features a touch-sensitive surface along with traditional buttons for both gameplay and navigating menus, or download the Apple TV app instead.

While there's no option to plug in headphones for private listening, you can pair your Apple TV with Bluetooth headphones.

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If you want to cast content from your computer, the Chromecast Ultra is what you want. Thanks I am not techi but would like to get netflix but in looking at what I would need, it looks really expensive and complicated. I guess I’ll just give up on getting netflix and the other streaming services. Any Blue Ray DVD player should be able to access Netflix (and multiple other services).

Any modern gaming console (Play Station 3, Play Station 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U) comes with at least basic streaming capabilities.

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