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Conversely you show how the design assumption points the way toward true progress in science.” (an aerospace engineer in California) “ Your website is by far the best for getting the most up to date news on what is going on in the science realm, and then separating the ‘useful’ information from the ‘baloney’.You have a knack for ripping the mask off of Darwin. ” (an electrical engineer in North Carolina) “ I love your work.We really appreciate your work.” (a consultant in Virginia responding to our Thanksgiving-week hiatus) “ Instead of criticising every piece of evidence for evolution how about presenting some evidence for creationism?Obviously there are holes in evolutionary theory – we can’t even define a species!Wonderful resources there.” (a mechanical engineer and educational consultant in Texas) “ Just stopped by to say Hi; Thanks again for your posting--still the best web site on the net!!” (a regular reader in Illinois) “ I accidentally came across your BRILLIANT website today....This old site will remain available, but is not being updated. Starting June 2011, all new articles are being posted to the new site only.“ Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into your fabulous site.

This truth has dawned on physicists too: universal equations are all very well, but the world actually consists of particular solutions, and these are generally the result of contingent history.

Being able to find the references enables me to share them with my colleagues and students.” (a teacher in Virginia) “ Thank you for your site.

I have thoroughly enjoyed it for a few years now and find it an awesome resource.” (a pastor in the arctic circle) “ This is a lovely site, and I personally visit this often....

” (an IT security consultant in the midwest) “ I always thought that science and the Bible should not be at odds with each other and prayed that God would reveal the truth about evolution/creation through science to us.

I wondered if there existed scientists who were believers and how they reconciled Genesis with science. Now I understand that these Godly men and women had been silenced....Thank you for your efforts to get the true word out.” (a reader in Alabama) “ Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy creation headlines.

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