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What inmates can do individually in their cell is extraordinarily limited.

In Wisconsin they have the zero emission policy, which means no fire, flame or smoke.

Once inside I act as a priest, a facilitator, they cannot even get together as a group unless I come in.

I tell the guys, “What do you want to do with this time? Some really want to do in-depth, hard-core rituals.

This regulates all the religious items inmates may have, and are allowed for group use. Some institutions provide bread and juice, some offer outdoor space, or wood for a fire.

In some places I can bring in a chalice and mead or wine for ceremony, in some a cauldron can be brought and removed.

The Asatru guys don’t especially like the Wiccans, so there is endless nit-picking and back biting crap that goes on.

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Pagans have a hundred different understandings of what it means when you say you are a Wiccan, and so as a chaplain or a state corrections official when they have to answer, ”What do pagans need for their religious practice? It is such an individual thing, but their needs should really be accommodated unless there is ‘a compelling security risk or interest’ as they tell me, involved.I don’t think there is anything that I have asked for that has been denied.Chaplains have very little power in the Department of Corrections, but they are treated with deference and respect.I have to stay away from that as I have absolutely no power as a volunteer aid, and so am in a very precarious position.

I tend to be polite and courteous in order to get entry and or anything at all with the inmates.The issues of inmates not getting ritual tools or outdoor space tend to come from the state, from Madison, or security coordinators, not from the chaplains.

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