Problems updating ipod to ios 5

20-May-2019 20:21

But managing your i Phone’s, i Pad’s, or i Pod’s Storage is IMPORTANT. That includes a bunch of stuff, from the App Store to Apple Music to i Cloud to i Books AND of course, i Message.Especially for those of us with those 16GB phones, who know the pain of those ominous “Storage Almost Full” or “Cannot Take Photo” messages. With OS 11, you can manually delete all those unwanted message attachments, including Conversations, Photos, Videos, GIFs, Stickers, and Others (like pdfs, audio files, and so forth.) To learn how to do it, see our article on Save i Phone Space By Getting Rid of Message Attachments. So before you go to a lot of trouble, check out Apple’s System Status page to see if the problem is happening on their side of the fence.The only way to get back and see all messages is by closing and then opening the Message App–not at all efficient!Luckily, one reader, Jen, shared a great tip that worked for her: changing font size.So if your friend or co-workers have an Android phone, effects do not go through. Of course, i OS 11 brings along with it some new emoji.Included this year are a male yogi, an Elf, a Genie, a Zombie, a woman breastfeeding, a new zebra, a bearded person, a new dinosaur, and a woman wearing a hijab (headscarf.) And there’s a bunch of new yellow face emoji too–like star-struck and head-exploding.Once your device starts up, return to Message Settings and turn Send as SMS back on.Seveal readers tell us that their i Phones are not sending text messages to their Android friends and family.

If they’re already on, try and toggle them off and then back on again. Try and toggle it off and restart or force restart.

This is more of a workaround, but it does work and mitigates the crashing problem.

Are you receiving a ‘Service Denied’ text message from sender ‘Unknown?

So if your i Devices are running i OS 11 or higher and you’re having issues with Messages, don’t give up!

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We have some great tips here to troubleshoot these types of problems.i OS 10 brought us a major i Message overhaul, and we loved it! Even so, there are some really sweet new features to check-out including a few new screen effect (Echo and Spotlight) and a new, simplified App Drawer. Sitting at the bottom of your Message screen, it’s a heck of a lot easier to access apps, emoji, games, stickers, and even Apple Pay in i OS 11. If you’re using a small-screen i Phone, like the SE or 5S, you might want that screen real estate typing your messages rather than showing the app drawer. Whatever the reason, there is a trick that makes the app drawer disappear. Once you start or continue a message conversation, press and hold the gray App Store icon next to the text entry field.

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