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If Trump thinks women aren’t attractive without big breasts, then His Kink Is Not My Kink But His Kink Is Okay. His secular listeners think “what a wise saying”, and his Christian listeners think “ah, I recognize that as a Bible verse, he must be very Christian”. Nor could somebody who understood his “dog whistles” predict his policy more accurately than somebody who just went off his stated platform.If Trump is dumb enough to say out loud that he thinks women aren’t attractive without big breasts, that says certain things about his public relations ability and his dignity-or-lack-thereof, but it sounds like it requires a lot more steps to suggest he is a bad person, or would have an anti-woman administration, or anything that we should actually care about. I guess some of the examples above might have gotten kind of far from what people would usually call a “dog whistle”, but I feel like there’s an important dog-whistle-related common thread in all of these cases.(if you’re going to bring up “objectification”, then at least you have some sort of theory for how this tenuously connects, but it doesn’t really apply to the Megyn Kelly thing, and anyway, this) And what bothers me most about this is that word “openly”. In particular, I worry there’s a certain narrative, which is catnip for the media: Many public figures are secretly virulently racist and sexist.Donald Trump says a thousand times how much he wants to fight for women and thinks he will be a pro-women president, then makes some comments that some people interpret as revealing a deeper anti-women attitude, and all of a sudden he’s openly sexist? If their secret is not discovered, they will gain power and use their racism and sexism to harm women and minorities.

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I can’t think of a relevant angle for the first two, so Trump it is. We know this because every article about him prominently declares that he is “openly sexist” or “openly misogynist” in precisely those words. And back before his campaign, he seems to have been genuinely proud of his record as a pro-women employer.By being very diligent and sophisticated, journalists can heroically ferret out which politicians have this secret racism, and reveal it to a grateful world. ” In the same way, although dog whistles do exist, the dog whistle narrative has gone so far that it’s become detached from any meaningful referent.There’s an old joke about a man who walks into a bar. One of them will say a number, like “twenty-seven”, and the others of them will break into laughter. The bartender explains that they all come here so often that they’ve memorized all of each other’s jokes, and instead of telling them explicitly, they just give each a number, say the number, and laugh appropriately. It went from people saying racist things, to people saying things that implied they were racist, to people saying the kind of things that sound like things that could imply they are racist even though nobody believes that they are actually implying that.Louise Sunshine, who was an executive vice president in my company for ten years, was as relentless a fighter as you’ll ever meet.

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Blanche Sprague, the executive vice president who handles all sales and oversses the interior design of my buildings, is one of the best salespeople and managers I’ve ever met.

Saying “Donald Trump is openly boorish” doesn’t have the same kind of ring to it. His desire to appeal to Christian conservatives isn’t really a secret.

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