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NOTE 2: Be very careful while playing with these service menus.Better to make changes and check their effects first. If something goes wrong, just switch off the TV and switch on it again, it'll restore default settings.If the service menu asks for a password, enter 0000 (four zero). Once you enable this feature, you can insert any USB drive in USB slot present at the backside of your LG TV and your TV will automatically detect it and you'll be able to play audio or video files present in your USB drive on your TV set.If 0000 doesn't work for you, try 7777 or 0413 or 8741 or 8743 or 8878. You can also view images present in your USB drive on your TV set. You can also enable Golden Eye feature by settings Eye option to 1 in service menu.Many TV models don't come with Internet connectivity, so these methods will help you in upgrading your TV firmware manually without any need of Internet connection.

Also we'll tell you how to manually update your TV software/firmware offline.Just go to LG TV website and search for your TV model. Now attach a USB drive in your computer and create a new folder LG_DTV in USB drive. Now press 7 number button 7 times on the remote and it'll open the firmware update screen.You'll find the firmware files (*.epk) on your TV model page. If pressing 7 number button 7 times doesn't work for you. To restore default firmware, follow the same instructions but press 9 number button 7 times.If you want to update your Sony TV firmware/software, following steps will help you: 1. PS: If your Sony TV provides Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB Modem options for Internet connectivity, you can directly upgrade your TV firmware using Settings menu.

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First of all download the latest firmware files for your Sony TV model from Sony website. Attach a USB drive to your computer and copy the update folder to USB drive. Now insert the USB drive in your Sony TV USB port and it'll automatically detect the firmware files and will start updating the firmware. To save your changes, just press Mute 0 (or Enter) buttons on the remote.