Racism of interracial dating

27-Jun-2019 13:24

As though optimism is transferred onto an aesthetic preference, the race to a multiracial future beckons: Don’t worry about the current political climate because in the future we will be hot, and if everyone’s hot, racism won’t matter.So, there’s a lot of cultural investment in these couples and children of the future as the future, politically and aesthetically.Where does prejudice, antiblackness especially, go in the face of racial ambiguity?Though Lise Funderburg, who wrote the National Geographic feature and is the author of Black, White, Other: Biracial Americans Talk About Race and Identity, acknowledges that multiracial identities remain subject to rigid racial categories such as the “one-drop rule” — “ambiguous black-white faces” are generally read as black, for example — she envisions a progressive future ushered by interracial unions. “If we can’t slot people into familiar categories, perhaps we’ll be forced to reconsider existing definitions of race and identity, presumptions about who is us and who is them.” She concludes with a line from a poem by Walt Whitman, a man whose ambivalence toward black people in American manifests in a “vision of an ideal, multiracial republic”: “I am large, I contain multitudes.”Interracial couples of “the future” often serve as proof that we are indeed making positive, liberal advancements — particularly when compared with the decades when legislation prohibited sacred unions between white people and people of color.And when we closely examine how we talk about multiracial people in comparison to black people, antiblackness certainly seems to be in play.A ready example would be the difference between how Blue Ivy and North West are discussed: two adorable black daughters of celeb royalty, one who most neatly fits a multiracial aesthetic ideal and one who doesn’t.

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Despite the fact that the children of interracial parents may emerge looking indistinguishable from children born to parents of the same race and many people born to parents of the same race possess traits associated with mixed-race children, the shades of tan and curl patterns associated with multiracialness conflate a political ideal with an aesthetic one.The hope for a future where racial ambiguity outpaces racism, already on shaky ground, also seems like a future where everyone is beautiful for being “exotic” (according to a white standard) yet not “dangerous” (aka nonwhite).A simple search of “mixed babies” or “#mixedbabies” on Twitter overflows with fawning over multiracial children.The subject of multiracedness in turn has a similar theme of being out of time, for better or worse.

As one submission declares: “The future belongs to the HYBRIDS.”The optimism that drives aspirations toward a multiracial future are not just focused on what that means in terms of politics and racial discourse.Against criticism she received for her usage of brown emojis in a tweet applauding A&E’s decision to revamp its (now canceled) docuseries on the KKK, Pompeo told followers, “You do realize...being married to a black man and having black children can make you a target from racist white people right?

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