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Much as I'd had a very happy Christmas with friends spoiling me, that day I was a bit down; very hurt by a professional snub I'd received, dissatisfied with my career prospects and feeling I'd worked so hard and yet felt like an irrelevancy.I popped into a crowded café, decorated in red lights and silver tinsel, a plump Christmas tree in the middle with an antique porcelain fairy on top with a wig of yellow curls.The ninth episode of the second season was titled "It's Not Easy Being Gwen".In the episode, "Change We Can't Believe In", Veronica (Portia de Rossi) calls scientists Phil (Jonathan Slavin) and Lem (Malcolm Barrett) "Bunsen" and "Beaker".In a 2009 video blog, released online and on the first season DVD set, Erica is describing three odd wedding dress choices her sister has selected, including "number one, Big Bird chic.It's perfect." An animated series about a boy who can turn into aliens with a device called the Omnitrix.In the episode "Knocker Nightmare," Jenna wears a green sling with googly eyes.

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In the episode "bad rom ANTs," self-centered Lexi Reed makes it a mission to make it into the school newspaper.To the left of the tree, I saw a small child with glossy dark-hairedlocks of deepest ebony.

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