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The main differentiating feature of 3G from earlier mobile technologies is its ability to support video services.4G (Fourth-Generation Communications System) is the next, as yet not formally defined, stage in mobile communications after 3G, with LTE (Long Term Evolution) as the favourite candidate standard. The very high popularity of MP3 and its incorporation into a large number of players, including CD and DVD players should, however, ensure MP3 longevity for years to come. Australian governments official statistical organisation responsible for conducting the census.Today, all peoplemeter panels collecting audience data for TV advertising and programme purposes employ active measurement.The Active/Passive Metering system actively reads video and audio codes embedded in the programme and is capable of producing audio signatures as a secondary identification method or as a back up.Request for an advertisement coming directly from a users browser, as recorded by the ad server.Web server that stores and delivers online advertising to visitors at a Web site.

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A basic distinction exists between requests that are server initiated and requests that are client initiated.

on the roof), (b) internally and attached to the TV set or (c) internally and built in to the TV set.