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Prominent members of the movement include Nikolay Gumilyov and Sergey Gorodetski. In general, acronyms first appear with periods to indicate the abbreviations, (e. Apart from puzzles in newspapers and magazines, the most common modern versions involve the first letters of each line forming a single word when read downwards.An acrostic that involves the sequential letters of the alphabet is said to be an abecedarius or an abecedarian poem.Sleipnir, the magical horse in Norse mythology, is a regular horse, except it has eight legs.Deities and demons in the Hindu pantheon often have multiple arms or eyes.Horace coins the phrase in his treatise, Ars Poeticae, a treatise not to be confused with the Poetics of Aristotle. ABLAUT: Jacob Grimm's term for the way in which Old English strong verbs formed their preterites by a vowel change. An example would be the principal parts of Old English strong verbs such as ABOLITIONIST LITERATURE: Literature, poetry, pamphlets, or propaganda written in the nineteenth century for the express purpose of condemning slaveholders, encouraging the release and emancipation of slaves, or abolishing slavery altogether.This literature might take the form of autobiographical writings (in the case of many slave narratives) or fictional accounts such as Stowe's .In Roman times, a five-act structure first appeared based upon Horace's recommendations.This five-act structure became a convention of drama (and especially tragedy) during the Renaissance.

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(2) The degree of stress given to a syllable--an important component of meter. The first syllable, which is stressed, "counts" as a full metric foot by itself. Acmeists protested against the mystical tendencies of the Symbolists; they opposed ambiguity in poetry, calling for a return to precise, concrete imagery. Even English historical scholarship has fallen into the habit, commonly referring to the historical Great Vowel Shift as the ACROSTIC: A poem in which the first or last letters of each line vertically form a word, phrase, or sentence.

The term has also been loosely applied to fantastic creatures that have modified limbs as well.