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24-Jul-2019 07:27

As a writer of romance novels my day job requires me to be highly intone with the mind of a woman.

I am looking for a lady to act out one of my written fantasies. I am looking for a woman who meets my standards and will give me the same pleasure I promise to give her. Well the woman that chooses me will have just as much fun as I will!

I guess you can say my skills at giving woman screaming orgasms have been perfected. “I live my life by 1 rule…do whatever it takes to satisfy a woman. Unless drawing little pictures on your IPHONE gets you turned on. So instead I will say I can have a good time doing almost anything as long as its with a woman I connect with.” 1. Any man that leaves a woman unsatisfied in not a real man.

You get yours, I get man & we are both happy every time” 2.

are, in most cases, vastly different from those on vanilla dating sites looking for the love of their life and marriage.

– Brevity is the soul of a good casual sex dating profile. – Without sounding like a jerk, make sure you demand that she be as into giving you a good time as you are into giving her one. “I am not going to waste your time rambling on about my live of football, punk rock, and working out because you probably don’t care.

Instead I’ll only discuss my main interest which is bring pleasure to women! Don’t misunderstand me though, I always take the lead in bed, but there is no bigger turn on for me than brings an orgasm to a woman.” 3. I guess I could mention my addiction to playing draw something, but most likely that is not going to get me laid.

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