Shat cam

22-May-2019 08:43

Stylized Shutter Button: To tip you off if there’s new seasonal creative tools you won’t want to miss, the normally transparent shutter button that sits atop your inbox will occasionally get bedazzled with holiday gift wrapping or other effects to let you know there are Santa hats and reindeer antlers to try on.Shoot First, Pick Friends Later: Now instead of having to a pick a thread, then shoot a photo, you capture content first, then select all the different friends or group chats you want to send it to in a distribution screen reminiscent of Snapchat.For a social network that’s really just a skeleton brought to life by the media its users share, Facebook has always had a penchant for art.As I walk the immense length of Facebook’s new 430,000-square foot Menlo Park office building, it’s hard not to stop and gawk at the posters.Before Facebook suddenly acquired Instagram in 2012, it was building its own photo editing app called… Before getting shut down to give Instagram room to breathe, it taught the company about multi-image uploads and color filters. It’s testing some of the same features in Facebook proper as are launching today on Messenger, in a multi-pronged attack on Snapchat, which has become its most cunning competitor.The new camera is also at the heart of Messenger’s direct Snapchat Stories clone called “Messenger Day” that debuted a few months ago in Poland and is now testing in 15 countries.

Whitley tells me that when Messenger’s team made art for countries like Thailand, “we vet that and get that reviewed by people who speak the language.

Selfie Masks, Style Transfers and Effects: Before you shoot, you can add different Snapchat-style 3D selfie masks, filters that make your images look like paintings and environmental effects.

Art Picker: After you shoot, tap on the Smiley icon atop the camera screen and you’ll pull up a tray of all the different art you can add.

Props: Add some eyeglasses, a hat or a beard with prop stickers you can paste on your face.

Grab a multi-piece disguise and resize different pieces separately to fit your head.

If Messenger recognizes the meaning of your text in any of 15 different popular languages, it will even offer up filters with related art.

I don’t know, maybe some girls might think of that as a compliment but personally, I would have preferred a simple message like, “Hey, would you like to talk?… continue reading »

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