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After the ESA, the secondary beam is focussed through the magnetic analyser, which separates ions by momentum.

(except in SHRIMP RG, which is so the magnet is before the ESA).

The SHRIMP data are shown to be more precise and reliable, and we caution against the use of LA-ICP-MS in deciphering the chronology of complex zircons from high-grade terranes.

We carried out SHRIMP zircon dating, Hf-in-zircon isotopic analysis and a whole-rock geochemical study on igneous and metasedimentary rocks recovered from drill holes that penetrated into the basement of the CHB.

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It can measure the isotopic and elemental abundances in minerals at a 30 micrometre-scale and is therefore well-suited for the analysis of complex minerals, as often found in metamorphic terrains, some igneous rocks, and for relatively rapid analysis of statistical valid sets of detrital minerals from sedimentary rocks.

The most common application of the instrument is in uranium-thorium-lead geochronology, although the SHRIMP can be used to measure some other isotopic and elemental abundances.

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The upshot of all this physics is that the ions move in a circular motion, and the radius of the circle (in a constant magnetic field) is a function of the velocity and mass of the ion.The mount has to be polished and coated with conductive material (eg gold or aluminium) to prevent charge build up. A focussed primary beam of oxygen or caesium ions are focussed to a 10-30 micron (0.01-0.03 mm) spot on the sample.This sputters material from the surface of the sample, some of which is ionised.In contrast, destructive techniques such as LA-ICP-MS consume a large volume, leave a deep crater in the target grain, and often sample heterogeneous domains that are not visible and thus often yield discordant results which are difficult to interpret.

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We provide examples of complex magmatic zircon from a southern Indian granulite terrane where SHRIMP II and LA-ICP-MS analyses are compared.

The SHRIMP is especially good for geological materials because: Unfortunately, one cannot just put a rock into the SHRIMP and analyse it.