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The photographs are of ordinary men, increasingly in uniform, and the rivers the lead characters are associated with..Written by Ivor Novello and published in 1914 the song became one of the most well known songs of the war.In the time since Barney's death, my little brother Richard, Barney's father, has devoted his life to raising awareness of mental health problems in adolescents, travelling the country and the world telling schoolteachers and others closely-engaged with young people, the signs to watch for and the action they might take, so that, from Barney's death, others might instead be helped, and live.I am prouder of Richard than I can ever describe; and doubly proud to accompany him to his TEDx Exeter talk on 24 April in the Exeter Northcott Theatre.Above all, he is obsessed with bicycles and, in particular, the Tour de France, yet despite every effort, his attempts to acquire his own machine are always frustrated. JEAN-BAPTISTE MALLET is French, fifteen years old, and a would-be runaway.As war comes he is drawn to the peace movement, partly because of a girl who might be wife material, and partly because war seems likely to impede his long-term plans. The only child of a pretty widowed mother, he lives in a small town on the confluence of the peaceful backwaters of the Rivers Somme and Ancre in Picardy.My people were always church.’ Realizing he was sounding like an idiot, Benedict ran on: ‘I get seasick, I’m a rotten shot, and, anyway, I need spectacles to see into the distance.’ ‘I don’t think not seeing into the distance is very crucial,’ Theo said.‘In fact, it could be a distinct advantage.’BENEDICT CHATTO, the son of a West Country vicar, Is an organ scholar at the great cathedral of Gloucester, where the poet Ivor Gurney and the song writer Ivor Novello, both study.

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’ Benedict said, as they walked slowly along Welbeck Street, and wondered if he wished it might.‘You’re such a chump sometimes,” Theo said, with a note of irritation. You’d be girded in a Sam Browne, pips on your cuff, armed and polished to the teeth, not nipping off to play evensong at St.

Staying in Georgetown this visit and hope to have Wi Fi conn. Doug Comments: My good friend and old range rat Jim Velia passed this week.… continue reading »

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