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28-Mar-2019 00:15

once even sex between the bride and some guy who definitely was not the groom. She lived in Monterrey, Mexico when I first met her in a video chat room.

She was an art student at the time and I found her stunningly attractive.

At the time I was a 28 years old single guy, self-employed as a videographer for weddings, parties, graduations, etc.

I was an average looking, typical, somewhat conservative guy - a little bit on the tech-geek side but not overly so.

While lacking some of the advantages of a real relationship (sex), these remote ones fit nicely with my busy work life and a couple of them grew to be remarkably strong and real.

As a professional video guy, of course, I had a nice assortment of pro camera and audio gear - the production values on my wedding DVDs was better than for most reality TV shows.

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In time I got quite good at making the cameras invisible.

I had a fascination for covert video - and my porn of choice was hidden camera where at least one of the participants is genuinely unaware they are being shot.

I had played around with this stuff for a few years - finding good places to conceal them in my clothing.

And as far as I could tell, she was becoming just as interested in me.

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Typically by this time with an online girlfriend I would have encouraged her to show me something on camera, but with Bania I did not want to destroy the magic we had going and so I let it take its own pace.I had a few girlfriends over the years, but nothing serious.

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