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28-Jun-2019 04:30

With all the erotic opportunities, sensual photos, sex oriented e-mails, and other media of the sort flashing over the internet, there seems to be a universal obsession with trying to use up as much sexual energy as soon as possible and as often as possible.It seems that everyone thinks we should all have an endless potpourri of sexual encounters and if not, plenty of pharmaceutical, natural remedies and pheromones to fix any lacks!In other words, sex (especially if too much) can short circuit one's enthusiasm to stride life's challenges!This unfortunate fact of life seems to get even worse as one gets older especially if one forgets to take proper care of one's health.This is rather a change in the direction of sex and sensuality, its repression.I strongly encourage a strong emphasis on love, ecstasy (expanded or transmuted sensuality), and lasting commitment which actually becomes quite natural and rewarding when all nerve-draining conventional orgasms are avoided and replaced with uplifting, blissful methods of transmutation into deep, all fulfilling and everlasting excitement and love.Whenever sexual (vital) fluids are lost (especially if too often) one's spiritual inspiration and enthusiasm for living, if any, tends to mysteriously fade into the background.

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This effect is part of nature's plan or intent at fooling all of us into giving away a lifetime of subtle, spiritual joy, progress and accomplishment for a few moments of concentrated pleasure.

Forget about unconditional love, wholesome affection, and sincere commitment, these ads seem to encourage a prodigious expenditure of only the most physical, basic urges while making one think that the size of that one part of the male anatomy is all that matters! Even though sex may be a natural, essential part of life, so is being stuck in a physical body along with all its severe restrictions, miseries and complications lifetime after lifetime.