South korea acomodating information security in business

11-Apr-2019 07:44

Additional sorting options may be available (by type of traveller, by score, etc...). They are much smaller than the pictures, and this really annoyed us.

There in no natural light, but there is a window that looks at a wall. Cleaning of the room from the hotel was poor, we had to ask for towels and toilet roll several times and they would never come and sweep the room or change the bed linen. It seems they only brew one full pot every morning. I would not recommend it to those with claustrophobia. Although I had to park my luggage at the hallway outside our room because the bag will occupy much of the little space we have for walking in the room.

This is perfect if you want to grab breakfast from the convenience store. You can hear the noise of the common area and the next room from inside the room. I recommend bringing your own bath towel as the towel they provide is small- it's like the size of the kitchen towel. Quite not worth the money as the dorms are extremely small. One of the toilet was broken for three days in a row without being fixed. Easy access to subway station, lots of shops and restaurants around. Nice place for people who just need a place to sleep not to stay there whole day! I and my friend like this place and will stay here again for next trip. The property's location is super convenient since it's near Myeongdong station as well as Myeongdong walking street.

But they provide new towels everyday- very much appreciated. The rooms are not soundproof well, so you can easily hear what is going on in the hall. It's a good accommodation near shopping area and convenience access. I spent 2days wandering around Myeongdong and thank god the property was just nearby. Excellent location, near Myeongdong station exit 8 and Airport Bus station.

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