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Powerpoint - Michael Posner Quick Review Worksheets: Wksht1 Wksht2 Wksht3 - Sandra Lowell The Moneyball Effect - Teaching Stats through Sports - Powerpoint - Paul Buckley Best Practices 2012 Collection South Carolina and Pennsylvania AP Practice Exam: Powerpoint - Ellen Breazel Podcasting Potentials for Statistics: Powerpoint, Podcasting_- Brandon Hanson Pencasts: - Carla Hill Statistics Valentine / Inference Foldable: Powerpoint, Directions.docx, Valentine.docx, - Mary Harrison Creating Balloon-Help Tutorial Projects: Powerpoint - Rob Gerver How I Learned to Stop Worrying about it and Just Teach MBA 580! : FRAPPY Page - Jason Molesky Technology Cures Stagefright: Powerpoint - Leigh Nataro Normal Probability Plots – Part 2, Using Excel: Excel Worksheet - Barry Woods Bunko Probabilities: Activity.pdf, Rules_solutions.pdf, - Beth Rothfuss Probability: What Is and Ain't Appropriate in AP Statistics: - Daren Starnes Joint AP Statistics & AP U.

After the pleasantries are exchanged and the drinks are ordered, after the conversation moves from jobs to tastes in music to viral You Tube videos, after the awkward fumbling for the check, the walk to the curb, the stilted hug-turned-air-kiss-turned-forehead bump, after the goodbyes—every first date leaves one nagging question: Will you ever hear from them again?

Imagine each with a number from 1 to 10 on their forehead indicating their attractiveness.

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This evening is an opportunity for interested presenters to share "best practices" in the teaching of introductory statistics with their colleagues.

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