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"Better clean you up, would hate for Cindy to taste anything on you later." She leaned down toward his soaked cock, mouth open. "You go wash up, you need to be gone before daddy gets home." He grabbed his clothes and rushed down the hall to the bathroom. She smiled again and slid him out of her, taking a seat next to him. I just can't help but see her as the little kid that I had to change diapers for and bandage up scraped knees, haha. She was sitting on her bed, leaned forward a little so that her chest stuck out, her legs open. "It's ok, must be all my experience." She giggled again. She licked the residual cum off of the head of his cock and worked her way down, leaving it not quite good as new but very clean. Would you like to know how things went with Stephanie? I guess she's found some of your folders of stuff on your computer and she put two and two together. "Impressive," she whispered, "but you can cum whenever you'd like." Robert picked her up and let gravity bring her down slowly, savoring every inch of her pussy until he could take it no longer and he filled her up. " she asked innocently, crawling off of the bed and getting on her knees in front of the lucky young man. You eventually grew out of it, but the desire to be the first one to plant your flag in a girl, or at least not the hundredth, took some time to work out. She was wearing tight grey sweatpants and a pink tank top. And I know you don't think of me that way, thank god, but you have to know that other guys do." She took a bite of bacon and chewed on it thoughtfully. "You must know by now, even if you didn't before yesterday, that I'm a sexual person. I know you know I've had it, and it hasn't been with a lot of people, but I do enjoy it. " "He wouldn't go into the details online, I guess it's kind of secretive. That's really all I know." She got up and walked over to her father, putting an arm around him. I'm fine with." She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and returned to her seat. "So did Stephanie tell you anything about our conversation last night? I can't see myself letting her do, well, anything that I'm imaging you're about to ask." "Not upset at all," he said with a smile,"but there's no harm in hearing what I've got to offer, right? It matches fathers that are willing to share their daughters, and daughters that are willing to be shared. Sometimes we have little parties, and everything is optional of course, but that's the core of it." Robert thought for a few minutes, shaking his head. Stephanie, I need to know that you're ok with this, and that you're not just doing it for me. A sharp knock at the door snapped him out of his haze. "Dad picks em well." She slid down and began to lick the balls gently, then a little rougher. "You seem pretty experienced." "Is that a bad thing? I don't know," he said, unable to move due to how good it felt. " Robert could hear a familiar pang of jealousy in the boys voice. He considered going and talking to his daughter but couldn't work up the nerve. The next morning when he got downstairs Stephanie had beaten him and already had breakfast mostly ready. She'd taken over so much of the housework over the last four years. But look, we really need to talk about last night." "We really don't," she said, keeping focused on her work. Most guys do, they just aren't honest with themselves. "I'm Nathan, it's great to finally meet." "Yeah, of course, come on in." Robert showed him to the living room and grabbed a beer for each of them. And look, I really hope you aren't upset, but you might have wasted your time driving down here. So, for lack of a better term, the thing I'm involved with is a dating site. He sat on his couch, trying not to imagine what was happening upstairs. She pulled off his jeans and boxers and smiled at the size of his cock.Video Information: File Size: Category: sex voyeur It was very fun to peep on them from over the toilet stall as they were fully unaware and all up in their fuck rhythm.The guy fucked this much younger chick from behind and then made her suck his dick. The boy shoved her backward onto the bed, making her giggle again. He pounded away for a few seconds and Brittany felt him start to slow down. You all might get on there and never find a pair you like, and that's fine. There are extremely strict safety measures as to who is allowed on there, and all of the guys are verified to be safe. Had the moment of no return already happened last night, when he'd given away his daughter's information? "I won't torture you with the details, but you have a few firecracker here. "It's your dad." "Come on in." He walked in and saw her sprawled out on the bed, cheer shorts and a white spaghetti strap top on. He looked out the peep hole and was relieved to see it was a teenage girl. "Dad texted me to come on in, so I guess things are going well with ... His cock slapped against her forehead as she licked harder and harder. She took it back in her mouth and moved her entire body as she bobbed her head up and down. "Enough to know what I'm doing." The girl stood up and removed her panties. "Now do you want to keep talking, or," she reached down and started stroking his shaft. " Jealousy is a strong emotion, but it rarely overpowers lust. He barely had to guide himself into her soaking pussy. This was as far as her preplanned speech had gotten. And what Nathan is going to talk to you about tonight, if you want to do it, I'm totally ok with. "You're my daddy, and since mom is gone it's my job to make sure you stay happy. "You'd get to see the profiles of these guys and their daughters, and so would Stephanie. willing, that's for sure." "She definitely is," he said with a big smile. I'll be here waiting." Robert walked up the stairs slowly and knocked on his daughter's door. I don't want you to do this if you don't enjoy it." She sprung up. He had sudden nightmares about it being the police, or one of those TV shows where they catch people doing illegal things. "Please, call me Britt." She walked in and tossed her purse down on the counter. I had no clue you were here though." "Yeah that's part of the screening. He'd already been hard but this caused him to reach a level of erection he'd forgotten about.

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Considering he already pumped her up and her tattooed belly is swollen, no wonder she wasn't up for it. She was wearing only a matching pink sports bra and pair of panties that even though they covered up as much as his daughter's bikini somehow felt more risque. It was less than a minute later when he slowed down again. "Oh god, oh god, sorry it was so quick," he said, pulling out and sitting beside her. This is going to sound bad, but, she figured out where I got your name from. She rode him for several minutes before smiling and leaning in toward his ear.