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15-Jun-2019 02:09

Then I added the registry value from the Knowledge Base article in the existing Windows 2000 installation, rebooted and checked the harddisk in Windows' Disk Management console.

Sure enough, there was en extra 128 GB of unpartitioned disk space available.

I think it is also the safest method, and it can always be undone quite easily.

Too bad it was only published on paper, in the magazine, and not on the magazine's website. REG files that can be used to set and reset the required registry value.

That is why I bought myself a Addonics SATA CF adapter plus Silicon Image hot-swappable SATA controller, which made copying faster, since this CF card reader uses a SATA interface instead of USB 2.0. After moving the hardware to my new Windows 7 computer, I discovered that the CF card reader was no longer hot-swappable. I bought myself an USB 3.0 card reader, which after a while got some problems too.

After some experimenting I found that I could use the following command to allow hot-swapping again: It had to be run each time a card was inserted or ejected. A couple of weeks later I read this article SATA: Hot Plugging Drives Under Windows 2000/XP, and found Hot Swap! Later I found out a defective mouse was causing the problem, but by then I already tried tweak 6.

The disadvantage is, of course, that many services are disabled in Safe Mode.

Of course, I used the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor first, to make sure the upgrade would be possible at all.

I hope I'm not infringing any copyrights by summarizing: Did I mention you should make a backup before trying this? recognize and restored the image backups I had to the new disk.

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