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NET Core 2.0 release to give them more time to bake.

We still plan to do these features, but for now they have been removed from Preview 2.

With Elastic Database Pools you can allocate a shared pool of database resources (CPU/IO/Memory), and then create and run multiple isolated databases on top of this pool.

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Microsoft created elastic database pools specifically to help developers solve this problem.If an application visitor requests content with a Range Request header, ASP. If the requested content can be partially delivered, ASP.NET will appropriately skip and return just the requested set of bytes.The Razor engine has been updated to work with the new Roslyn compiler and that includes support for C# 7.1 features like Default Expressions, Inferred Tuple Names, and Pattern-Matching with Generics.

To use C #7.1 features in your project add the following property in your project file and then reload the solution: C# 7.1 is itself in a preview state, and you can review the language specification for these features on their Git Hub repository.The grace period is the amount of time that Kestrel will give the client to get it’s send rate up to the minimum, so the rate is not checked during that time.