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13-Mar-2019 04:38

First, the worker will wait for the MS DTC recovery process to start.

Then, the worker waits to obtain the outcome of the distributed transaction that the worker is working on.

Examples of such areas are bitmaps, large binary objects (LOBs), and the spool iterator. Occurs when a full-text crawl needs to restart from a last known good point to recover from a transient failure.

The wait lets the worker tasks currently working on that population to complete or exit the current step.

Indicates that the communications layer is starting to become overloaded and affect the database mirroring data throughput.

Large waiting time on this resource indicates that the server is executing queries on top of sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks, and these queries are blocking deadlock monitor from running deadlock search. Queries on top of sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks use DEADLOCK_ENUM_MUTEX.

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Occurs with parallel query plans when synchronizing the query processor exchange iterator, and when producing and consuming rows.

This wait state is used when SQL Server disables versioning by using the ALTER DATABASE statement.