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All copyrights and trademarks are held by their respective owners, when not specifically mentioned. ______________________________________________________________________________ 4. So, you'd wind up with one amulet, having lost two perfect Rubies and a Stone of Jordan. ;) Learn your recipes, and be wary of those you hear from others. The Cube is a little piggish - anything extra that happens to be there when a valid recipe is invoked will be consumed too. Each unit is allotted one move and one action per turn. Obstacles, terrain types, and elevation create further strategic elements. Credits and Contact Info ______________________________________________________________________________ 1. Revision History ______________________________________________________________________________ v3.0, 12/16/2003, pm Home sick today and missed my old FAQs. I swear, I hate going to sites and wading through their eight different pages of slop just to find one recipe I need... ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Introduction ______________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to the D2 Expansion Horadric Cube FAQ. I mean, it's only been what, two years since I last touched this document? Anyway, cleaned up and totally re-did the To C, stripped useless sections, re-did the organization of existing ones and added a couple new thanks to the new v1.10 recipes. v1.0, 07/04/2001, pm Is there no good guide that contains info on the Horadric Cube for the Common Man?

Order of turns is determined by an "Active-Time" like system, a unit's Charge Time filling a bar and deciding when they get to act.

Distinctions for recipes of lower patch levels have been removed, though I have still included distinctions for recipes that require a particular character type to function (as several are Ladder-only, for example). | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------' The Horadric Cube is a Quest item that you recieve in Act 2.

The FAQ has been updated so that it deals strictly with the most current level of play; that is to say, the D2 Expansion patched to level 1.10.

The So J packs 1 to All Skills, 25% mana, and a couple other stats that make it very attractive to casters.

.----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | 3.5: Stone of Jordan - Defined | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------' A couple of people have written in to ask, "What the heck is a Stone of Jordan, and where do I get one? Back in Diablo 2, prior to patch 1.08, it was the absolute best ring a caster could find.

The So J recipe exists to give people a way to spend all those spare So Js, as now there are lots of ways to get a to all skills, and high resist rare rings will be a necessity, due to the modifications to resists on Nightmare and Hell difficulty. ______________________________________________________________________________ .----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | 4.1: Upgrade recipes | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------' Upgrade recipes convert an existing item into a better version of itself. ___ 4.1.1: Rune upgrades ____________________________________________________ You can upgrade your runes by using one of the below formulae; note that you'll probably have to patch up and use a certain character type to make the most of it.