Updating space 2 for modern machines

22-Mar-2019 15:09

Nickolaj has been in the IT industry for the past 10 years specializing in Enterprise Mobility and Security, Windows devices and deployments including automation.Currently working for True Sec as a Principal Consultant.Administrators have previously been manually downloading all required drivers, importing them into Config Mgr, distributing them to Distribution Points and updating task sequences to include the new driver package for the new computer model.This process can be really time consuming and error prone.If there’s no matches at all, the script will exit with a return code of 1, causing the deployment to fail.In terms of logging, the script is writing to a separate log file called Driver Package located in the same directory as the file at the time of operation.

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In the case of multiple packages that match the criteria, the most current package will be selected based upon the Source Date property of the package object.In the past, great guys like Johan Arwidmark has come up with great solutions like “Total Control” when it comes to driver management.