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And by social, I am not talking about chatting it up with someone they will never meet face to face on an online dating site or chat-line.

You see, the average Cuban does not own a computer and rarely has access to the internet and this reflects largely on their way of life.

When I drive or walk around my neighborhood here in Canada, I rarely see people sitting outside on their steps.

Even beaches and parks are empty on beautiful sunny days and the only time I see children is when they are walking to and from school.

I was even told by several tour organizers who tried to sell me organized (and expensive) excursions that it was simply too dangerous to venture off the resort on my own.

Brainwashing and fear-mongering are two things that do not and never will work on me; not only did I leave the resort on my own every day, I also mingled with and made friends with many of the locals and there were no attempts to pickpocket me, murder me, rob me or maim me in any way.

THE CUBAN SANDWICH MAKERON TV: MIAIN REAL LIFE: The are many different, much fancier places to eat at the Royalton Hicacos but their "secret weapon" is the one-woman sandwich maker Tonia, who offers up delicious Cuban pork sandwiches from noon to 3 p.m. Our Nexus guide Jorge saved me from going overboard (but the same can’t be said for my dearly departed i Phone).

Our captain felt horrible, and snorkelled for an hour looking for my phone to no avail.

I didn’t debate for even a minute in my head about whether I should go to this meeting or not.

The decision was simple; a waste of valuable time because I had no interest in following some made-up, pre-thought out itinerary that took place entirely on the resort.