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27-Apr-2019 21:02

Fifty years later, the number of Americans in interracial marriages continues to climb. newlyweds had a spouse who identified with a different racial or ethnic background, according to the Pew Research Center.

However, loving one another can prove to be the most powerful way to show the world that fighting for the person you love can move mountains."At the end of the day, love one another with fierceness, humility, respect, integrity and fidelity," Castro said.

A white man loves the thought of getting an even more feminine, exotic woman with beautiful skin. I'm not American, so I have nothing to do with your racial issues. In my view, (a person of both irish and moroccan nationality), its extremelyyyy racist to make a comment like that whereby your stereotyping everyone of a particular race and painting them with the same brush if ya kno wat i mean.. n that's quite common with a lot of elderly people who haven't been to school in times of political correctness lol :-) I think there is nothing wrong with it.