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09-May-2019 16:10

Obviously they sell because you can hardly see any spanking material free of genitalia anymore, so the material that appeals to me becomes rarer and fewer in selection.The last thing that has probably changed is myself in person.Now I will be the first to admit, this past year has not exactly been the most fruitful in terms of me posting, however, another year has passed and this blog has now been up for 11 years.A lot has changed over those 11 years, I remember the friends that I had back then, and now, other than a cursory hello here and there I’m really not in touch with many of them.In fact some I view as vagina and anus pics with a little bit of spanking thrown in.I offer no criticism, nor do I offer an apology though, as I have stated before, depictions of the vagina in a spanking photo or film is an immediate turn off for me.I’m going to say that it is probably one of my weak points, but I tend not to try and go out of my way to be friends with someone.Now let me clarify that, I’m friendly towards anyone, regardless of their race, creed, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.

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My perception, may not be reality, is that the focus more so now is with the graphic depictions of the vagina than it is to do with spanking.So if you think about it, that is just common sense really. I personally think that it has changed which is another factor where my interest has waned.