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29-Apr-2019 20:33

The victim of "Team-B" is always "an innocent bystander" (what we would have called "a civilian"). Regards, El Wananchi Ralphus asked: So what happens in Escape From LA?

Do we get to see anything more than the tit groping shown in your cap? I guess the uncut version of the scene shows her naked breasts pulled out but can't find it anywhere...

The kind of scene I'm sure you wanted to see (and Osouk too, and probably most of us) just isn't possible for TV.

To get that, you'd have to go with ZFX or one of your customs from PKF.

Yeah, the actual shocking was relatively short, but all the buildup and her changing reactions...first defiant, then pleading and panicked as the shock box appears, and finally gasping and broken at the end..exciting and dramatic stuff, especially because the actress is so beautiful. In the same vein, you can't really expect nudity and electrodes on the nipples on television.

What sells the scene is Blanca's looks and acting, but beyond that, it's just, well… There are always going to be limitations in a medium that is designed to be consumed by the masses.

After reading various re-interpretations of the question, I'm still not sure I'm on the right track, but I did grok a few more plausible alternatives…I guess because they let her stay dressed, there wasn't much exposed skin left to use. And despite all the build-up and sophisticated hardware, the electro torture lasts a little over ten seconds in a seven minute clip that doesn't have much else to offer other than a lot of shouting, shaking and mild slapping around. but they had to devise that because of the lack of a "cultural background" to the game rules, that intends to be universal) That's why I put the stress on the victim.