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Is the dancing easier, once you’ve already done a Step Up movie, or is it as big of a challenge each time?

GUZMAN: Each one shows a different style, but it was a little easier this time. I was just seeing it, right in front of my eyes, and trying to learn from that.

It was cool to play that out, especially now that I’ve been acting for quite a while. Sean is just very jaded because of what he’s been through in the past.

In Step Up Revolution, me and Kathryn [Mc Cormick] were learning on the go. So, it was awesome to work with previous Step Up characters. His family has left and his girlfriend is no longer there, and he thought he was going to have the best life with her.

Can you attest to the fact that the dancing is all real? I am usually proud that I do my own stunts, but there’s a move towards the end of the film, between me and Briana, that I couldn’t do.

There was no rehearsal time, and there was not enough time to actually go over that move.

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The dancing in these movies is really awe-inspiring, gravity-defying and almost otherworldly, in a lot of ways, and because of that, people think there must be trickery and special effects involved. Everything you see is completely real, aside from one trick.Briana Evigan might be best known for her starring role in two of the Step Up dance film series and for a slew of horror movies that followed, but it seems she’s found an even better fit now: playing queer. that’s a little complicated, as director Kim Rocco Shields’ fictional world imagines gays and lesbians as the norm and straight people as the social pariahs.Briana plays Jude, her school’s star quarterback and arm candy to cheerleader girlfriend Kelly (Emily Osment).And then, for Andie, she lost being able to dance with the people she loves because of an injury.

They both feel like they’re in the right, which adds to the storyline.Step Up All In takes one of the most popular dance franchises in film history to all new heights, following Miami street dancer Sean Asa (Ryan Guzman) as he tries to make it in Hollywood, only to discover the almost insurmountable odds of making it in the professional dance world.

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