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"I always want off-the-beaten-path, Anthony Bourdain-inspired travel," she’s mused.

From Jamaica to Africa, Scotland and everywhere in between, this year alone Meghan and Harry have racked up a hefty collection of stamps on their passport. She insists a good old-fashioned slice of pizza is the way to her heart - us too Meegs, us too!

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The gun cook is a regular guest star on lifestyle shows and runs a string of successful restaurants in Toronto.It will reportedly explore the difficulties of sharing custody with the royal family when your ex-wife is married to a Prince.Although the exes don’t share any kids, the controversial concept was dreamt up after Trevor was chatting to his fellow producer Dan Farah, speculating what it would have been like if they did have to share custody of children.They were also spotted enjoying several cosy dinner dates in New York and Dublin but sources at the time denied their romance to the We like our princesses to be modern and relatable.

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And Meghan’s failed marriage to American producer Trevor Engelson, 40, makes us love her even more – because in this day and age, who seriously hasn’t had a doomed relationship.At the time, a friend close of the exes addressed speculation Harry could have played a part in their demise, saying: “I can’t comment on that.”Just before they broke up, Cory praised his significant other for working with World Vision.