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With rising costs of labor and land in first-tier cities, manufacturing has moved into second-tier cities and continued into the lower tiers.

By virtue of their SAR status, Hong Kong and Macau enjoy a high degree of autonomy.

Many of the products manufactured in these zones are exported to the rest of the world through Hong Kong.

Another major economic turning point was China’s 2001 acceptance into the World Trade Organization, which removed trade barriers and created a larger market for Chinese goods. Since 1953, the government has issued a series of five-year plans outlining economic and social strategies.

While rising costs of labor in China have created challenges for the manufacturing sector, this has led to greater domestic consumption of luxury products, including jewelry.

The highest growth potential lies in the inland urban centers, as Chinese citizens continue a massive migration from rural areas to the cities.

Chinese consumers are now synonymous with luxury products, and this is true with gemstones and jewelry.