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My favorite shows are on it, I love how they run their network, and I love everything about it. Jason Gann and I found each other, and we were actually talking about me maybe coming in for the part that’s played wonderfully by Elijah Wood.And then, I thought, “No, I wanna play the beer truck driver from Wisconsin.I love Mena to death, and to share scenes with her is an incredible experience. SUVARI: I feel like, in the past few years, TV has changed so much.Whatever line or division there is between film and TV has really been blurred, and there is so much great material and so many great people working in television right now.At the film’s press day, co-stars Chris Klein and Mena Suvari talked about playing the most grounded couple in the franchise, how much they’ve both changed since they started this series of films, 13 years ago, what it was like to recreate the poster from the original, and how they had envisioned their characters, so many years later.Suvari also talked about what attracted her to her role on the first season of Question: The relationship for your characters is the most grounded of the whole franchise.That seems to make more sense.” So, we went for it. I feel lucky to be invited back for another couple episodes in Season 2 because that’s a fun character to play.

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Ten years later, we see him turn around, and we see his dick. That is something that either exists in films or doesn’t. In terms of the physicality, for this franchise, that’s what I have to offer, as an actor.The two were engaged in December 2014 after four years together.