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Dena says Jeffrey had many meetings with the cast to talk about their personal experiences and ensure they were reflected on screen.Dena says she was initially adamant about playing Kat, and that when she was offered the role of Abigail she was unsure at first because she had grown up avoiding girls like her in the ballet world.“But when I really got into the psyche and the head of a character like that, it was so complex, and so exciting to play someone who from the outside is brutal and cold, and inside is really vulnerable and quite broken in many ways…Once I started playing Abigail, it was a gift.”Alicia, meanwhile, auditioned for Kat, Tara, and Abigail, but was originally most drawn to Tara.’ And she talked about this show where a girl from the country goes to ballet school…I thought she was taking the piss because I’d written that exact same show.So it was this great moment of synchronicity.” “It’s funny, in the writer’s room I closely aligned with Tara and Sammy, and Jo I always saw as Abigail – she’s very driven.I had a friend who went and became a lead dancer in the Moulin Rouge, and she was the inspiration for Kat.

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Thomas Lacey, who joined the series in Season 2 as Ben, first auditioned for the role of Sammy in Season 1.

He says he feels lucky to have gotten the role of Ben, because he relates to him a lot.

“A one-minute dance scene we would have shot in the series within an hour or two, and for a 30-second dance scene in the film, we had 10 hours - an entire day - to do it,” reveals Alicia.“I was quite brutal,” says Jeffrey. I will say that very little of the dance sequences ended up on the editing floor, it just took that many pieces for what I wanted to achieve.” Dena tells Buzz Feed, “Xenia (Goodwin, who plays Tara), myself, and Thomas would just be in the studio every day doing hours and hours of ballet, pilates, physio - you name it.

Jordan got his professional start playing Simba in The Lion King musical and made his TV debut in Home and Away.

Since the Dance Academy TV finale, he has been acting steadily in the US, including recurring roles in The Fosters and Faking It.

Like Tara, she grew up wanting to be a professional dancer, but when she was 18 she broke a bone in her back and was told she’d never dance again.

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