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My mothers name was Margarita Foley, and at the time she lived in Birdhurst Road, Croydon.

click for details Janice Connor MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Elizabeth Masters 1966My name is Janice, and I would so like to find my birth mother.

No pressure i just want to chat And know i she is happy and to let her know i am.click for details Paul O`sullivan MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Lila or pauline Saxby 1969Looking for some years now for Lila Saxby, who had a son on 17th Aug 1969 called Paul. Paulclick for details Lisa Petchey MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Terry Mcallister 1967I was adopted 1n 1969 and have recently found out i have a brother and would welcome any information on him or his whereabouts.

He grew up in liverpool and may have joined the armed forces.click for details Lisa Petchey MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Terry Mcallister 1967My name is Lisa Petchey and I am looking for my half brother Terry Mc Allister. I think he is in the armed forces, possibly stationed in Singapore.

I would so much like to be in touch with my father again.

He is Irish, but has mostly lived in Birmingham, where he was a bus driver.

So far I have not been able to trace Elizabeth or Christopher, and would be so happy to hear of them.click for details Anita Purcell MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Stewart Mckay 1969im looking for my father stewart alexander mckay ive never met him and i feel i would like to get to know him as he has left a big gap in my lifeclick for details Paul Clemence MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Thomas Fortune 1948My name is Paul, and I was born on 8th July, 1948 in London.

I was adopted and brought up by a loving family in England, but shortly after my birth my natural mother emigrated to Australia.

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He was born in February 1965 and was last heard of in Welling, Kent in 1983, although I do know that in the eighties he worked in the music industry and played in a band.click for details Laura Howitt MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Janet valerie Richards 1980My name is Laura Howitt, but I was born Laura Richards on 26th June 1980 in Scarsdale Hospital, Chesterfield.

We have not been able to trace him since, either in active service records, or marriage or death records.

If any member of the Wayling family in Norwich has any news at all of Russell, I would be so grateful to hear from them.click for details Rachel Fowler MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Derrick Rowley 1922I am searching for Prof. He was born in 1922 in Bradford, and educated at Bradford Boys Grammar School and then at Bradford Technical College, now Bradford University. I am an old friend, and would so much like to be in touch again after all these years.click for details Paul Cole MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Valerie Hill 1954My name is Paul, and I was born on 7.7.1954 and adopted. Her name was Valerie Edna Hill at the time, and she lived at St.

When she had me on 20.5.1966 at the age of 17 her name was Elizabeth Isbell.

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I have ascertained that she married a David John Masters in October, 1970 in Kingsbury, London, and they had a son named Christopher Stephen in November 1972 who is of course my half brother.

click for details Mr Coles MISSING PERSON THEY SEEK: Sadie Muirhead 1946It would mean so much to me if I could find news of my mother, who left home soon after I was born (I was brought up by my father). She married William Henry Coles in 1946 in Islington, London and they had three children, twins and myself, Charles Thomas Tolfrey Coles.