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25-May-2019 21:00

In Season 3, in "The Shell," Gumball and Penny finally kissed on the lips for real, and so they are now dating.They go on their first date an episode later in "The Burden." Penny briefly leaves Gumball in "The Bros" because of guilt over supposedly stealing him away from Darwin.Although they seem to get back together by the end of the episode.Penny leaves Gumball again in "The Mirror" due to a curse that makes Gumball lose all his friends.In "The Date," she had invited Gumball to her pet Mr. An example of her affection for Gumball that isn't important was in "The Mystery," when she cannot be spotted chasing after him angrily.Cuddles' funeral, but Gumball mistakes it for a date and ends up embarrassing himself and losing Mr. In Season 2, Gumball and Penny's relationship was explored further.First, they are seen in Molly's treehouse, then also in the cafeteria.

At the last minute, Gumball pushes Penny out of the way of her father's car, saving her life, and winning his respect once again. Fitzgerald crashes into The Wattersons' house, angering the family and thus reversing the situation for Mr. Again in "The Flower," Gumball competes for Penny out of jealousy for Leslie.In "The Storm," Penny confronts Carmen about Gumball's supposed kiss with Carmen, and later helps her get Alan back from Masami. Again, they hang out mostly in the cafeteria, or in cheerleading practice.In "The Storm" though, Masami zaps Penny when Penny attempts to ask her to "listen to her heart." Still, they get together with the other girls as seen in "The Bros." Penny and Darwin appear to have a friendly relationship.In "The Date" and "The World," Penny is seen with her mom and the rest of the family.

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Her mom also watched her play, and even her attempt to kiss Gumball in "The Shell." Unlike her husband, she also seems to approve of Penny and Gumball being together as she allowed her to go to his house in "The Knights." In the episode "The Flower," the two begin to meet, making Gumball jealous.After being spied on by him, Penny shows guilt rather than anger and sympathizes with him knowing that Darwin was doing all this because he was afraid of being alienated, implying that she was concerned for his well-being.

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