Wow updating setup files

21-Jul-2019 21:05

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Smith creates iconic portraits of the famous and infamous for magazines, books and advertising.

He has appeared on The X Factor, Fine Living Network and Israel Channel One and exhibited at the Library of Congress and the Aperture Gallery.

These are done to the best of my ability, but please do your own research to be sure!!

So, I decided I was going to do a CCC retrofit, but the further I got into researching parts, the more I realized I might as well just do a CIC retrofit for about the same price.

Hopefully today I will have most of my parts and by Saturday have everything I need to get it installed.

p=43816490 Edit 9/15: I believe BMW part number 61138380696 is the same and will work as well -CID CAN/power connector (61136954526) - Included -CIC cable, connects to CID for video signal (61119185171) - .50 -USB Port (61319167196) - .99 -USB Port cable (61129196805) - These are back ordered so I ordered two of the CIC video cables and shaved part of the connector to make it work.