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I would feel trapped if I were in banking or some other corporate job that requires me to be in the CBD.

Too many people thinking the grass is greener on the other side and don't consider the possibility that they may have the “greener side”. Every night wed get together with the Goths, Punks, Rockers, Skaters, school kids and have a blast. I don't really see anything wrong in Brisbane aside from the fact that it can be a bit too large and its not as dense as it could be. The thing is when I go back to Sydney I realise what QLD doesn't offer.

If you have a spare 500K Euros, some EU countries (Spain, Portugal) will give you the resident visa, by simply buying home in those countries. everything is commercialized, old and we're too far from the gold coast and nothing is original. Sydney is great to visit but reminds me a bit of Brisbane on steroids and a bunch of meth with the addition of a cool harbour rather than a brown river.

Greece will even give you their residence visa for as little as 250K Euros in property investment. I suggest maybe taking up a new hobby or joining a new group of some sort? Melbourne is dirty, quirky, gothic and bohemian in the inner city, my preference of them all.

There is nothing really here that's interesting anymore, where else can one move when the biggest city in Australia has nothing more to offer? I used to live up in Brisbane it was really nice when I was a teen, but I don't see myself going back there anytime. The weather was better over there, rained allot and was colder in general, I guess I like that :) Depends on your definition of 'biggest' According to This Sydney and Melbourne have been growing at an equal pace (they even dipped at the same time) but Sydney has a population of about 500,000 more.

I hate Sydney but not because it's not 'exciting' but because of the massive crowds, congested traffic, high cost of living and lack of decent transport. A 2 bedroom apartment here costs more than a 5 bedroom house in Melbourne (with a pool). I live in Sydney but dont feel the same way as you.

Consider:*Darling Harbour redevelopment – new convention centre, demolition of entertainment centre*Barangaroo*Pedestrianisation of George St and the return of trams to city streets*Green Square, Wolli Creek, Rhodes, Olympic Park, Bondi all being transformed Besides this, the mere act of looking out over the harbour every day is extremely relaxing and reminds you how lucky you are to live in such a clean, stunning environment What do you mean stigmas, you can't compare castle hill to Bankstown or Ashfield to Chatswood? Exactly and the one being built at Woolli Creek is the most pathetic of the lot.